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Boundary in Overslag. To the left, Dutch territory: Axel municipality, province of Zealand. To the right, Belgian territory: Wachtebeke municipality, province of East Flanders
Not really operational clubbing facility in Aalst, East Flanders
The church and the war memorial in Ninove, East Flanders
Neon advertisement of Slaghmuylder brewery in Ninove, East Flanders
The Winsumerdiep canal in Winsum, Groningen province
This bridge and this café are in the little village of Westerwijtwerd, Groningen province
It is tiny, but still: Sint Anna ter Muiden in Zealand is a city...
...which is shown by the coat-of-arms on the town pump: Senatus Populusque... of Sint Anna ter Muiden, of course!
Stavenisse harbour, on the former island of Tholen in Zealand
A building on the bank of the canal of the old city ramparts in Klundert, North Brabant province
The southern fortress of the defence position at Spaarndam (North Holland province), part of the Amsterdam defence line (Stelling van Amsterdam)
View of the belfry tower of Sint Winoksbergen in French Flanders
And this is the vane on top of the belfry tower. The Bergeners (the people of Sint Winoksbergen) call this little lion Klaas (Nick). By the way, this picture is typical of the so-called "outdoor café photography" genre that I like to practise: Sitting outside a pub, behind a beer, and looking through the viewfinder in search of something interesting. The black parts in this picture are indeed part of the outdoor marquee of a café in the market square
Amstelveen is Amsterdam's southern suburb. Nowadays it is a big town, but it used to be a small village. Still, it had a railway station. The station building is still there in the old village centre, but no trains depart from its platform now. The railway service has since long been discontinued
Saying that Amstelveen is one of the most exciting municipalities of the Netherlands would be a bit too much, but still there are some nice things to be seen. One remarkable building is the Kruiskerk (Church of the Cross). More pictures of this church building can be seen here
The former terminus of the railway to Amstelveen and other villages south of Amsterdam: Amsterdam—Haarlemmermeer station. Nowadays it is used as the departing point of a historic tramway service to Amstelveen in the summer months
Just a little street in the Amsterdam city quarter of Oud-Zuid: Simsonstraat
This is the view from the "Papeneiland" café, on the corner of Prinsengracht and Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. It can't be always "outdoor café photography" time...

Photo made with a 1985 FÈD-5S camera

Water mill on bank of the Itterbeek in Neeritter, Limburg (Netherlands) province
A small chapel in Merkegem, French Flanders, bearing a rather peculiar name given to Our Lady
The centre of the province of Zealand always was and still is the old Abbey in Middelburg. No wonder the coat-of-arms of Zealand can be seen a lot here
Trade made Middelburg prosperous. A typical merchant could name his house after the place he did business with. The capital of Scotland, for example
Looking through the eighteenth century Nieuwe Poort (New Gate) towards the symbol of Middelburg: the Lange Jan (Long John)
The tower of Middelburg city hall seen against the light
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