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There's not a lot to be seen of the inside of Kooijker booksellers in Breestraat from the outside; instead, we see the bust of a Turkish merchant on the façade of "In den Vergulden Turk" ("The Gilded Turk") across the street
The façade of the old latin school. Rembrandt van Rijn attended classes here
The last remaining part of the medieval town wall: wall tower "Oostenrijk" ("Austria") on the bank of the Zoeterwoudse Singel canal
The entrance of the Miss Maas almshouses on Kalvermarkt. Towering above it, the old flour factory, the biggest building of the eastern part of the inner city
The flour factory, as it can be seen from De Waard neighbourhood
Corn mill "De Put" at work; the flags of city and country are flying
Just like Portugal, the Netherlands also had a prince Henry the Navigator (1820–1879). So it was fairly logical that the nautical college for teacher training was named after him
On Trekvliet canal there is the villa "'t Kasteeltje" ("The Little Castle"). In 1913 it received an honourable mention in the city's façade competition
This is also Leiden, but in this case in one of the last pieces of countryside within the municipality. This barn is standing on the bank of a little canal linking Vrouwenvaart canal with the pumping-station of the Kleine Cronesteijnse or Knotter polder
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