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Statue of cardinal Lavigerie in Baiona
In Getaria city centre, province of Gipuzkoa
In Elizondo. Do you want to go to the "Heineken Party" in Doneztebe?
A statue of a man and a bird. It is not very clear what exactly is going on here, but the place of the action is on top of a building in Bilbo city centre
Bridge over the Baztan brook, in the village of Bidarrai (Lower Navarre)
It is a small step from the pub to politics in Oñati; you have a good view of the town hall from behind the bar
The quay in Bermeo
This well-known sailor is no stranger in Bermeo either, although he doesn't get his strength from spinach, but, of course, from fish
There are also colour photographs of the Basque Country!
And here you can see photographs of the village of Elantxobe and its main attraction: a turntable for buses!
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